Congratulations your post is trending

Congratulations, your post is Trending!

“Your post is trending” on LinkedIn is becoming a popular topic and I thought it was time we covered it.

Now keep in mind that I wrote this at 7am on a Saturday morning, there has been a complete lack of sleep over the last 72 hours due to a nasty bout of chicken pox (child, not me) so I can’t say I was my usual chirpy self this morning. Probably a good idea to stay away from LinkedIn then.

Or, I can log on, see a post that really annoys me and have a rant. The result, of course, is this article!

The said post was a blatant attempt to gain more traction on a previous post. That was the first thing that irritated me, but the context consisted of her questioning the use of trending hashtags. (Of course, they are useful lovely, they’ve just given you the opportunity to repost the post that was good enough to trend in the first place!!!)

Your post is trending, Its very frustrating

I’m probably more irritated by the fact that this is the second time this particular connection has given some really bad advice about LinkedIn. Anyone who has attended one of my trainings or workshops over the last year will know that she gave me some great content about whether connections should be quality or quantity!

Then came a comment from one of her loyal fans with a simple statement…”No, it’s BS’. Well, there you have it folks, an informed and educated answer that I’m sure you should all follow…..NOT!!!

So, instead of letting it ruin my day (waking up to such tripe could have a profound effect on the rest of my day. I can’t help it, it’s the way my mind works), I have decided to put the record straight and answer the questions;

–      What does it mean when I’m trending on LinkedIn?

–      Does it really do anything to help your profile?

Here goes…

Your post is trending on LinkedIn

What does it mean when I’m trending on LinkedIn?


This feature was first introduced in 2018. Like Twitter and Instagram and even Facebook, it’s designed to help followers to find content that’s relevant to them. It didn’t take off immediately (let’s face it, no-one knew what to do with them) but in recent months, there’s been a real shift in their usage.

When you get the notification that you’ve been trending, it means that LinkedIn has found your post useful, it thinks your connections have found it useful so it places it prominently under that hashtag. It categorises content to make it easier for those who are interested. Have you noticed that you now have a section on the right-hand side of your page that says, “What people are talking about now?” This is the most popular # content.

Use popular hashtags

Does it really do anything to help your profile?


Come on, seriously? Going back to the uneducated and uninformed answer of it’s BS, a huge round of applause for your insights but you sir, are completely incorrect!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not ground-breaking. It doesn’t mean that suddenly you are going to have an influx of new connection requests and you are up there with the influencers, but it does mean that your post is being seen by more people. Going further than your connections with the hope that they will engage, it will now be seen by people outside of your connections that follow that hashtag.

Why is that important? BECAUSE THEY FOLLOW THAT HASHTAG….They have a specific interest in that topic and you may just be the person they are looking for!!!

They have an interest in that subject

So, let me ask you this. Do you now think it’s a good thing to have your post trending and getting out to more people? If you answer no to that, then please feel free to press the ‘remove connection’ button!!!

For those who are still with me, let’s take it a step further.

My top tips to getting the most from LinkedIn hashtags


1 – This is not Twitter or Instagram, it’s a professional platform so keep them relevant. #wanttogoforarun really isn’t going anywhere!

2 – Don’t forget your content. Posting with just a # and nothing behind it is going nowhere. Remember to trend on LinkedIn, your post first has to gain some traction.

3 – Research the most popular #’s that are relevant to your business and use them in most of your posts. I constantly trend in #LinkedIn. Note…I’m not talking about Facebook when I use this #!!!

4 – Don’t use spaces, commas, hyphens or exclamation marks. Hashtags only recognise letters.

Your post is trending, only use letters

5 – You can use two, three or even four words together as long as they are relevant. Example #SocialMediaMarketing, #JustDoIt, #WomenInBusiness

6 – Create your own hashtag and use it in every post. Ask your connections and networking community to use it when tagging you. For example, #girlsinpink

7 – Follow popular hashtags that relate to your industry. It helps you to see what’s going on and more relevant content to you.

8 – Make sure you are spelling it correctly. It’s going nowhere if you get it wrong #epicfial

9 – Don’t use multiple hashtags in one sentence. #it #will #not #make #sense #and #will #flag #up #as #spam

10 – If your business is location specific then tell your audience that with a location specific hashtag. For example, #Northampton #Cardiff #anywhereintheworld

Your post is trending, be location specific

So, that’s it folks. It’s amazing how much happier I feel now I’ve got it all out. However, my biggest piece of advice would be…it’s ok to have an opinion but DON’T give advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

Also, when you get that notification, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!


Happy #trending and you know where I am if you need me!

#GirlsInPink x

Verity Wilkie
  • ValentDay
    Posted at 14:15h, 30 April Reply

    So, how do you get your post trending in such a way? Just be interesting and appealing to others. Way too many people get hung up on thinking algorithms matter, but in fact it is more about how you write, empathy, resonance and (dare I say) humanizing what you write as the interaction and visibility of that post will always trump any input from algorithms.

    • Paul Curryer
      Posted at 17:23h, 19 May Reply

      I completely agree. It is absolutely about the quality of content and we actively encourage people not to get too hung up on algorithms. Most of it is vanity metrics. This is purely about approval from LinkedIn and being seen by your target audience but ultimately, you won’t get seen if your content isn’t worth it. Thanks for commenting

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