How to manage a bad review – Our top tips!

How to manage a bad review


Social media and Google have changed the way we communicate with our customers. It can be an extremely beneficial and lucrative part of your marketing plan, but it can come with its disadvantages.

These days, consumers will take to these platforms to let you know what they think. Gone are the days that they will write you a letter or pick up the phone, now reviews are out there for all to see.

This is great when they have something positive to say, but occasionally, you may receive a less impressive comment or review. These are in the main, real consumer concerns but occasionally, you may be subject to a fake review.

Don’t be disheartened!!! Reviews are great for business, even when they’re not so complimentary. What will make you stand out, is how you handle it.

Here’s our top tips on what to do when you get a bad review and how to make them work for your business.


1 – Take a step back!

Don’t respond in anger. It’s hard for a business owner not to take things personally so when someone take Umbridge with you or your business, it’s natural to want to hit back. Don’t!!! The worst thing you can do is react hastily. You need to take a step back and remove the emotion before responding.

2 – Evaluate the situation

Once you have calmed down, read the comment again and ask yourself, is this customer, right? Have they actually had a negative experience with you or someone in your business? If it’s a fake review, obviously they won’t have and there are ways to deal with that but if this is genuinely someone you have dealt with, there will be a reason for them to feel strongly enough to post these comments. Look at it objectively and try to see it from the customers perspective.

3 – RespondHow To Manage A Bad Review

The absolute worst thing you can possibly do in this situation is to not respond. You are now under pressure. No matter how many positive reviews you have, potential customers will be looking at the negative one and assessing you on your response. Make sure you give them one!

4 – Respond quickly

You need to act fast in this situation. Respond within 24 hours. Leaving it any longer will aggravate the customer who has commented and the interest from followers will dwindle.

5 – Be polite

Keep your response polite and professional. What you say and how you say it will not just define whether or not you pull back this customer but also, whether you will gain or lose potential customers.



EXTRA TIPS…. How to respond

  • Keep your response brief. You don’t need to make it war and peace, just stick to the facts.
  • Own up to whatever you have been accused of. There are ways to write this and it may really go against the grain, but you need to take responsibility.
  • Even if you don’t think it’s your fault. The bottom line is, something you have done has upset this person, so you need to take ownership of this.
  • Offer a solution. Always offer to try and rectify the situation. The aim of the game is to gain their trust again but also the trust of those following.
  • Follow it up. Don’t just let them off the hook. You will know who the customer is so once you have offered a solution, contact them and make sure they know you are serious.


How to deal with a FAKE review

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will target your business for no reason other than having too much time on their hands. They may write a review on social media or Google that will either have a comment or just a low star rating. In terms of how to manage this, these are no exception to the rule.

Here’s what to do…

  • Respond in exactly the same way as you would above but make it clear you know they are fake. For example..


How To Manage A Bad Review“Hi Mr Jones, thank you so much for leaving us a review. I was very disappointed to read your comments/see your low rating and would very much like to rectify this. I wanted to make sure I had the right customer so went back through our records only to find, we don’t seem to have met. Can I just clarify when it was we worked with you and who was your direct contact? I would hate to think there has been a misunderstanding of any kind so would like to make sure of the facts. Kind regards, Mr CEO.”


This will do one of two things. Firstly, it will embarrass the writer as they will instantly know they have been caught out and secondly, your followers will quickly pick up on the fact it is fake and commend you for your polite but witty response.

Getting a review removed can be challenging so you must make sure you respond to it. I would recommend responding to every single review you receive as it’s just as important for your followers to see your gratitude as it is for them to see how you handle a complaint.

Enjoy the great reviews, respond to the bad, but above all, be confident that you are awesome!!!


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